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EggBath - Soft Boiled Egg Cooker with a Built-In Timer

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Introducing the Eggbath, the perfect way to enjoy a delicious and perfectly cooked soft boiled egg every time – our soft boiled egg cooker with built-in timer!

With this innovative kitchen gadget, you can easily achieve the perfect texture and consistency for your soft boiled eggs with minimal effort. Simply place your eggs in the designated bath, add water to the fill lines, automatically setting the timer to your desired level of doneness.

The built-in timer ensures that your eggs are cooked to perfection every time, taking the guesswork out of the cooking process. And with its compact size and sleek stacking design, this eggbath cooker is perfect for any kitchen countertop or even for taking on the go.

The Eggbath soft boiled egg maker is easy to clean and maintain, and is made from high-quality food grade materials for long-lasting use. Whether you're a busy professional, a health-conscious eater, or simply someone who loves the perfect soft boiled egg, the Eggbath egg cooker is an essential addition to your kitchen.

Don't settle for overcooked or undercooked eggs – upgrade your breakfast game with our soft boiled egg cooker with a built-in timer today!

Available in Salt (White) and Pepper (Black)